5 thoughts on “Do you cry easily ?

    1. Frimousse's Master

      Frimousse’Mistress loves this film too. She is always terrified when the cat is let out of the car, in the rain, in the center of the city.She knows there is a happy ending but she fears someone has changed the film!

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Every time she watches the film (we have the DVD) Frimousse’s Mistress fears that an evil genius has changed the end.
      The cat looks so much like RouXy, especially in his way of being.
      The last time RouXy disappeared was on a certain Saturday in February.
      http://frimousse74.canalblog.com/archives/2014/02/09/29155177.html In French only, on the old blog.
      The first time was a long time ago in the summer. The weather was close, we were expecting a thunder-storm, And at nine o’clock RouXy had still not reappeared – at that time he left in the morning and came back at certain times of the day but always around 7 o’clock. For supper. The storm broke out. I had settled on a small bed upstairs with the window open. And a few minutes later I heard mewings. It was RouXy who was going up our road, under the storm. He was soaked, like the cat at at the end of the movie.


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