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This cat’s house…

I often walk/jog by this cat’s house and I hadn’t seen him for a long time. But I’ve just seen him two days in a row! I could not take a photo because he was very close to his Mistress, a very young woman who could have believed that it was her I was photographing – especially that on the first day she was in very light sports clothes…


The other morning, as I was jogging on the mountain road above our house, I passed by the house of a red cat, whom I see quite often. It was very windy. I heard a huge meow as I saw the duvet and pillows falling from the window sill on the first floor of the house – I took the photos this afternoon, the shutters are closed. And from under the duvet I saw the red cat appear! A few moments later he would be lying on the duvet for sure!

Do you like red cats? Come on! Go to Christian’s blog! If you don’t understand French, the beautiful photos will suffice!

Fallen Leaves

I don’t like Gainsbourg, I’m sorry. But this song is a jewel! It doesn’t raise morale, certainly, but evokes happy times so well…

The photo is from November 2016. Tigri is (already) on the left of the bay leaf, Rouxy will be further on the left between the two hydrangeas, and Frimousse on the right of the picture near the hazel tree.

How I would like you to remember,

this song was yours,

it was your favorite, I think

Prévert1 and Cosma2 wrote it.

And always The Fallen Leaves3

recall my memories of you,

day after day

the fallen loves

are never done dying.

Of course I lose myself in other’s arms,

but their song is dull

and I grow ever more indifferent,

there is no helping it.

Since always The Fallen Leaves

recall my memories of you,

day after day

the fallen loves

are never done dying.

Is it ever possible to know

the begining or the end of indifference?

May fall pass, may winter come,

and may Prévert’s song

this song,

The Fallen Leaves,

vanish from my memories,

and that day

my fallen loves

will be done dying.

And that day,

my fallen loves

will be done dying.

The original in French can be read here: