12th October, 2006

Our friend Christian is an artist. He is a cabinet maker near Perpignan in the south of France. He has three red cats: Chachourite, her “son” Chachon, and Ichat.

He loves red cats!

His blog (in French) : http://ichatetcompagnie.over-blog.com/

By the side of the road leading to the Lake of Annecy there is an isolated house and… a red cat. We are so happy when we see him because there is so much traffic on that road that we are afraid for him. Early in the afternoon today I saw him and I took a photograph on my telephone. I think Christian will be pleased.

4 thoughts on “12th October, 2006

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      But there are people in the house, and this orange cat is their cat!
      Plenty of meadows around there therefore a red spot in an ocean of green. And in winter, a red cat in the middle of all that white!


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