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RouXy’s “bedroom”

This is a very special photo, which illustrated perfectly RouXy’s special status in his house.

RouXy had two Masters, two unmarried brothers – the elder died in July 2016. Their bedrooms were upstairs. On the ground floor, there’s the kitchen, the living-room and… their mother’s bedroom. She died more than twenty years ago – we’ve never met her.

After her death, her bedroom was left as it was and used as a sort of store-room.

Because of the accident of his Master, the younger one, RouXy was very often in the house. And he managed to have that bed-room open for him to spend hours on the bed, with religious objects near him…

Four or five ago RouXy’s elder Master had to spend a couple of months at the hospital. It was clear that when he would come back he would be unable to climb upstairs to his bedroom. His brother turned his Mother’s bedroom into a bedroom and a bathroom.

A pity for RouXy…