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Twice a day

Every morning, ever since we moved into this house, RouXy would come down the lane from his house to ours. Frimousse would be waiting for him near the half-barrel – he could not go up and meet him because of his PetSafe system. Frimousse licked RouXy’s head, then RouXy often drank out of the watering can, and both of them climbed the stairs to get inside the house. Frimousse would lick RouXy again while their dishes were being filled. Sometimes RouXy came up the lane, from the road, as he had decided to go round the houses. Some will say: “cheeky RouXy!”, I will say: “reckless RouXy!”. Lately, since the elder of his Masters died, I fetched RouXy in his house, I even had to carry him in my arms during the last few days. And the ritual was a bit altered.

In the evening, between 4 and 9 according to the season and the weather, we called: “Frimousse! RouXy! Tigri! (*)” and they went in for supper.

(*) Tigri was with us from October 2002 to September 2012.