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In his house

Three months after RouXy had his leg severed because of the steel jaw trap placed by that damned moron down the road, RouXy’s Master had a very serious accident at work. A big piece of metal, weighing about 150 kg, fell on his knee. The knee was so severely damaged a prosthesis had to be inserted. As he was recovering at home he made a footstool to lay his leg and be more comfortable. Immediately RouXy decided to spend hours on the stool with his head on his Master’s foot.

RouXy was granted a special status. Cats had never been allowed on chairs and sofas but RouXy was. And the relationship with his Master could not be compared to that of all the previous cats in their house. When people said, referring to RouXy, “He is a very beautiful cat!”, his Master would say: “Beautiful but very sweet!”

Of course RouXy was on the stool or the settee even when his Master was away!