Selfie of a 3-legged cat?

These photos were taken with our first digital camera in December 2002. Would you believe this is three-legged RouXy on top of our neighbour’s garage or in our lime-tree? A determined and courageous cat, our RouXy!

You’ll have to get used to it: I say our cat though RouXy was not really our cat. But he spent some many hours with us, everyday, every week, every month for filteen years and seven months! And he died with us in our bathroom.


14 thoughts on “Selfie of a 3-legged cat?

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Because he spent his time outside!

      Very bad news yesterday. The chocolate colour cat of our neighbours on the other side of the road was killed by a car. She would meet RouXy sometimes.
      I am glad I have managed to avoid that fate to our Tigri, our Frimousse, with the PetSafe system, and to RouXy by being vigilant, and, for the last three years, with the help of Loc8tor.
      All the cats in the village finish their lives killed on the roads.

        1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

          Before we moved into this house Frimousse was an indoors cat for about eight months. Obviously he was unhappy – trying to escape if he had the opportunity.
          On Saturday he was alone all day and he looked miserable until quite late on Sunday!
          RouXy was lucky not to be killed by a vehicle during the three first years of his life. Afterwards, I didn’t work any more and looking after RouXy was my main concern. Frimousse and Tigri had their PetSafe system. But what about RouXy? GPS was both bulky and expensive. Far too bulky for a cat. I spent hours on the Internet trying to find muiniature GPS, with no success. Finally, three years ago, I found Loc8tor, now calles Tabcat. Useless, now…

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Two requisites for PetSafe.
      1. There must be some sort of fencing around the area to be marked out. Not necessarily very high but it must show where the wire thus the limit is. If necessary set up a provisionnal fencing, which can be removed when the cat is used to his area.
      2. You , or another person who knows the cat well, must be physically present during the first few days the cat is let out. The kit is provided with flags but I am sure they are useless for cats.


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