In addition to Frimousse Blog and RouXy Blog, in French and in English, I have another blog about food. Mainly in French, I’m afraid, but the latest posts have been published in both languages.

In the very first article of the blog, in September 2009, I wrote:

“France, the country of good food? Really? Ask French teenagers what their favorite dishes are. Pizzas, couscous, hamburgers, kebabs, steak-and-French fries, sandwiches, are their most likely answers. Of course there are restaurants held by George Blanc, Paul Bocuse and other famous chefs. But how many of us have had, or will have, a chance to have lunch or dinner there?

There are family dinners, occasions for Auntie, Grandma or Mom “to put on a great spread”. There are also these meals with friends, a chance for husbands to show their talents – and leave pans, whips, strainers, pressure-cookers and dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and on worktops… It is always possible to cook a good meal for the family and for friends… once a week or from time to time. But every day! There lies the real problem. Because everybody does not have the means to hire a permanent cook! There is also the necessity to stick to a budget and to serve balanced meals. And, the most difficult probably, to serve a variety of dishes, not to hear the comment most feared by those who prepare meals: “What! Again!”  My peas-and-carrots tin is excellent from a dietary point of view, it is cheap and quick to serve – the peas-and-carrots can be microwaved – but I’ll have to leave them in the pantry, I’m afraid. Therefore I’ll try (yes, really try) to tell here my efforts to prepare meals without spending hours at it.”

The blog is also the occasion of debating about food, animal welfare, environment, North-South economic relations, etc.

This Thursday morning I’ve posted the recipe of a dessert, simple, cheap, and excellent.

Here it is !


-> Bouffons means “Let’s stuff it down” (!)




A very busy road

Late yesterday afternoon I went down to do some shopping. I was driving quietly when a red cat appeared on the right of the road, going out of a large meadow. Sushi!

He crossed the road, compelling me to stop, as well as the driver of another car arriving the other way. He should have been called Sandwich!

On the way back, 30 minutes later, Sushi was in the meadow. He had crossed the road again … It is a very busy road!

On the photo you can see him pretending to be going to his house, which is right behind this one.


Food and cooking

In addition to Frimousse Blog and to RouXy blog, I have another blog dealing with… food and cooking – at home I am the cook since Frimousse’s Mistress works.

That blog is in French, apart from a very few articles that are also in English.

Translating the whole blog would be hellish but if you are interested and want a translation of one particular post, I’d be happy to do that for you.





The end

The end of the year is near. There will be no other message on the blog of RouXy this year. A year that finishes is one year less to live, according to Mathieu Ricard. I do not think that he is wrong to see things under this angle.

This is the very last photo of sweet little RouXy alive. He is trying to lap some of that milk he liked so much. He will die a few hours later in this place, where he often came during his last weeks, on the bath mat, with the fleece blanket over him …

He loved life so much, RouXy!