Nearly April 1st


Tits haven’t lost their habit to come on our window sill for sunflower seeds. Sparrows also come, nuthatches and finches also. For a couple of days a magnificent bullfinch, not fearful at all, has come too, and another kind of magnificent small birds whose name I still don’t know.

Tits? On April 1st 2016, RouXy had spotted that there were baby tits in the nesting box, and he wished to pay them a visit. A gastronomic visit.



4 thoughts on “Nearly April 1st

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      The number of cats has not soared in France and Europe during the few past decades – I am not referring to household cats. But the number of birds has decreased dramatically, between minus 30% and 75% depending on the species. Of course the destruction of hedges for ‘modern’ (!) farming is a cause but the destruction of insects in another huge cause. If pesticides kill insects, birds miss food.
      France is the largest user of pesticides in Europe…
      We try to buy only organic food to deprive non-organic farmers of our money. It’s the only language these “taborniaux” understand.
      “Tabornau” ? Regional (savoy, swiss) word for a narrow-minded blockhead.


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